Smalls of Fury – January Derby Girl of the Month

Smalls of Fury, #60, is our January Derby Girl of the Month, let’s get a huge shout out for our girl! Smalls joined Monterey in 2010, since starting on her derby journey she has excelled as a skater being a core and originating member of her home team the Steinwreckers tearing up the track as both a jammer and a blocker, and being an instrumental member of the travel team the Beasts of Eden. At all levels, and especially at the travel team level, Smalls is always there with a huge smile and an encouraging word for every skater pushing through challenges and hurdles. Nobody can watch Smalls skate without noticing her infectious smile, who smiles from ear to ear even while being slammed into by women twice her size? That would be Smalls of Fury! She has an obvious love for and knowledge of the game, and she is always willing to share both. This willingness led her to her newest undertaking, for 2013 Smalls has been elected as the Head Fresh Meat Coach for our newbie Dames, and we just know the joy and confidence she will give our newest skaters will take them far. Previously Smalls served as the Inter League Liaison planning and organizing scrimmages, bouts and events with other leagues all over the US. Congratulations Smalls of Fury on being chosen, you are an ideal representative of all the awesomeness our Dames possess!

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