November Kudos Winners!

The “KUDOS AWARD” is MBDD’s way of acknowledging the outstanding work our league members are doing on a monthly basis. Congratulations to Ozzy O. Ferocious, Beans and Con C. Quences, who were nominated by their fellow league mates to receive MBDD’s NOVEMBER KUDOS AWARD!

Ozzy O. Ferocious is one of the Monterey Bay Derby Dames’ three founding members and has continually stepped up to help the league prosper. Ozzy is always there to help when you need her, no matter how big the task. Since MBDD’s inception, Ozzy has served a term as the Vice President on the Board of Directors, a Fresh Meat Coach, Bout Production Committee member, Bylaws Committee member, Art Committee member and a vital member of the Spirit Committee for almost two years running! Ozzy and her husband Rink Floyd, are one of MBDD’s two married couples. Rink served as Head NSO and Ozzy skated for the CANNERY ROLLERS for the 2011 season. After having surgery for a serious shoulder injury, Ozzy has fought her way back to health and is ready to play in the 2012 season!! That my friends, is dedication. In her real life, she’s a Mom, Grandma and she runs her own production company! Ozzy is amazingly supportive of her league mates and MBDD is lucky to have her! Ozzy O. Ferocious: changing the way people view Grandmothers everywhere.

Beans has been involved with Monterey Bay Derby Dames since June of 2010. She has been a very dedicated member to MBDD since she joined, even commuting to practice and league events from Santa Cruz. She has been a member of the Spirit Committee since its inception and has made many a skater feel welcome and uplifted with her bright smile and amicable personality. She works hard and hits harder, skating as a blocker for both the Cannery Rollers and the Beasts of Eden. She filled the Co-Captain role for the second half of the Beasts’ season and worked hard to push her fellow teammates to do their best, while maintaining a smile on her face. She is the best friend you could ask for and is a beloved member of MBDD and will be greatly missed by all, especially her Derby Wife, Hester Sinn 😉

Con C. Quences is a joy to have as a member of the MBDD. Con C. has great commitment to the league, and is always there to lend a helping hand. In her busy life as a teacher and mother, she still finds time to participate in most of MBDD events and dedicates time to learning the rules of derby. This season Con has carried the difficult job of fundraising chair. Fundraising committee is one of the most important groups of the league and would not have survived without her. MBDD can always count on her to help with any set-up of bouts and assist with community events. Her hard work does not go unnoticed. Con’s attendance at bouts and practice are crucial and her positive attitude makes her a wonderful referee.

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